maanantai 13. kesäkuuta 2011

Chilly Monday

Monday June 13, 2011:

Today the weather was cold, windy, and partly cloudy. It was the perfect weather to excavate due to not being bothered by that many black flies and mosquitoes compared to previous days. As our group arrived at the site Joseph and Leyna had to set up the total station because Dustin, Dan, and Riku had to bring the van back to the University of Oulu to switch for another van. Leyna had taken notes on how to set up the total station the correct way from Dustin and Greg last Friday. It took Joseph and Leyna some time; however they mastered the art of total station 101 and got it running perfectly. Moreover, our group today was split up into two. Joseph, Colin, Alesia, Saima, Jen, Rebecca, and Riku were excavating the trenches from the past two weeks. Dustin, Dan, and Leyna were opening a new trench near last year's site, which is across the road from where the first group is excavating. Last year when they opened the trenches from the site, Dustin said that they found the remains of seal bones, charcoal and flakes. Dustin was certain we would find the same artifacts as last year's excavation. Meanwhile, the other group took up where they left off this past Friday, which was to dig down another 5cm. Alesia found some slag in her trench which is a partially vitreous by-product of smelting ore to separate the metal fraction from the unwanted fraction. This was great news because it shows how pre-historic humans were using the trenches that we are excavating in. Furthermore, Dustin team has found a variety of artifacts in their trenches. They found pieces of seal bones, charcoal, and quartz flake. They were very pleased with their findings and hope to find more interesting artifacts later on. Overall, today excavation was fun, different, and unique due to the different tasks that we all share with one another, which makes the time fly by quickly.

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Yay, slag! Yay, seal bone hearth!