tiistai 7. kesäkuuta 2011

Survey: June 7 2011

We set off at the crack of “dawn.” Dustin, Greg, Dan, Leyna, and Alesia made up the survey squad. We surveyed 4 or 5 potential sites with little luck. On our trek through the foliage on this 85 degree (Fahrenheit) day, we encountered fire anthills and poisonous snakes known as adders which were promptly poked and irritated for our own enjoyment. We surveyed the land for depressions or other spots that seemed to have human modification. Through one of the densest parts of the forest, we stumbled upon a structure similar to a giant’s church that had not been discovered yet. It was located on top of a hill and had many boulders in the walls; a typical trait of giant’s churches. There has been sufficient overgrowth, making the feature difficult to recognize without a keen eye. One rule that we learned today was that no matter how hot it is, how much you are moving, or even how much bug spray you lather yourself in, the tiny black flies will get you.

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