torstai 16. kesäkuuta 2011

Bottoming out

It was a productive day on the site! Unfortunately, Jen and Saima did not join us today but Greg did despite the situation with his shoulder. Most of the manpower was directed towards the T111 sites due to the dire need to complete the trenches which was hastily accomplished. Babar and Colin working in T111B and Joseph in T111E stopped finding artifacts at the close of the day, so those trenches were completed. T111C on the other hand still has charcoal bits showing up. The trench has gone down 1 meter, so Alesia had to hang over the side of the trench to excavate. Dustin worked on the T211 series of trenches and found some quartz flakes. The pressure of the project ending is getting to everyone and the demand to complete the project on time was met by the hard work of everyone today!

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