keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2011

Uncovering New Finds and a New Unit

Wednesday started with a new day of excavation, with nearly the entire team joining in. Today Saima was the only one of the two Pakistani students to attend, and Greg and Dustin were at tthe site as well due to the fact that there was no survey today. The weather was beautiful but again fairly hot, even more so than yesterday. A passing breeze kept the bugs away at first, but by 10:30 the black flies returned in force. Fortuneatly, Riku picked up some bug spray that was specially designed this type of insect versus mosquitos, and it worked wonders. After taking down a few new layers, the team broke for lunch.
Today was the famous makarat Wednesday, and the team head out to the beach in Kieriki. The beach doubled as a stone age exhibit for the local Yli-Ii museum, which also had a mini archery range. Most of the team
stepped up to try their hand at using a bow and arrow, which is much more difficult than it looks! After lunch, the team returned to the dig site, and set up a tarp in order to provide shade for the excavation site, and the team was much more productive after it cooled down. Towards the end of the day, a new unit adjacent to units T111A and T111D was opened, and several large charcoal finds were recovered from unit T111C. Some pieces recovered from the southern part of T11C were especially large and intact, indicating that this fire pit must have been very large. In all, the team managed to work through the heat and flies and make substantial process on the excavation.

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