torstai 9. kesäkuuta 2011

A Very Hot Day

Today was a VERY hot day- about 85 degrees! Dustin, Dan, Greg, Babar, Saima and Joe went on survey while the rest of us stayed at the site to continue digging. We took about 10 water breaks just so we could stick our heads under the water pump right down the road! Lucky (and not so lucky) for us, Greg, Dustin and Dan hung a big blue tarp between two nearby trees yesterday. The tarp was great because it protected most of us in the trench from the sun, but not so great because the shade attracted the bugs!

Our morning was filled with some frustration over our Total Station (a device for measuring the location and height of things) which was giving us some problems, but after some calm and careful figuring we got everything working correctly. No major finds today, just a few samples of charcoal. We actually opened up a new square yesterday, but didn't have time to do more than remove the organic layer. Today we had plenty of time to work on the new square, and to our surprise we found MORE CHARCOAL! We are so confused as to what this means… How many fires were there and how were they arranged and tended? What were these fires used for?

We have made our plans for the upcoming weekend. We have decided to visit Rovaniemi (a quaint city near the arctic circle) on Saturday and to go to the beach after our day of digging tomorrow! Some of us are absolutely thrilled to jump into some cold water while at the beach, while others wonder why we want to spend more time in the sun and covered in sand…

Tomorrow is a whole new day! We all can't wait to see what's in store for us tomorrow once we get to the site- keep an eye out for updates!

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