keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Digging Deeper

On Tuesday, the team once again began excavating the main group of units. Initially, few artifacts was found in the trenches, but as more layers were uncovered, finds began popping up all around unit T111C. In fact, so many quartz flakes and other artifacts were found that the team raced at breakneck speed to record all of the finds and take total station points as the workday drew to a close. Later that evening, the team enjoyed a small dinner on the rooftop sauna at the apartment complex cooked up by a friendly neighbor from Thailand that Dan had met earlier during the trip. The food was very spicy but delicious! Wednesday began with the team setting out for another day of working towards the last few levels of the trenches. After bidding Leyna and Dan farewell the night before as they departed for Israel this morning, the team began the new workday refreshed and eager to turn up new finds at the site. Jen, Babar, Saima, and Alesia worked the main set of units that the team had been excavating since day one, while Colin, Joseph, and Dustin worked a promising new set of units deeper within the woods. Greg unfortunately is still out with a pinched nerve in his shoulder, we all hope he feels better soon! The new set of units had already yielded a promising set of new finds earlier in the week, and the team managed to turn up many new quartz flakes as the workday wore on. Being Wednesday, it was of course Makkara day, once again being held on the beach in Kierikki. A few team members tried their hand at the archery range, and it seems that their skills have definitely improved since the last visit. After lunch, the team cleaned up the trenches and wrapped up the paperwork, and are eager to finish taking down the rest of the trenches and discovering any artifacts beneath.

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