torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Sweating with Mittens On

In the dog days of the excavation, with the sun slowly beaming UV skin cancerous rays, the team has shown an unwavering extent of focus and interest in the project at hand. With many faces unfamiliar with the field of archaeology, let alone being a part of a full length excavation, the experiences had and the knowledge gained have left most of us wondering why did we ever volunteer for such a job.

In the wee hours of the morning, as the sun completed its routine 24 hour cycle around Finland, 13 familiar faces lined up at the pick-up zone for the 9th straight weekday. Today, in particular, was a day filled with workers weary from farewell festivities the night before but the search for artifacts remains the top priority for us, well for just about two of us. As teams were chosen, a lucky few of us were given the opportunity to change the pace a little by sending one team out to survey and opening a new site next to an existing in the hopes of finding more meaning to the FCR found yesterday.

In the new hole more FCRs were found but a subtle vagueness has begun to settle in to the minds of the workers, perhaps these stones are just naturally made within the area. The evidence of quartzite and FCR presents hope for people being there 5,000 years ago or a miscalculation has occurred and these stones are there because of a geologic strata.

Hopes have yet to dwindle but a noticeable fade has taken its course. In time it shall pass. In all honesty, the fade may have something to do with the fact that our foreign exchange kids are leaving tomorrow. The times spent together has been one of memories that will not fade until about 2 weeks from now. As for the memories of the today, hopefully more substantial will be made tomorrow.

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