torstai 27. toukokuuta 2010

Spring Cleaning

With the final day of excavation approaching, we were surprised by a visit from Professor Ezra Zubrow. With one day remaining, he came to examine the excavation site as well as potential sites, for the future, with the survey team. Today at the site, almost the entirety of the day was spent profiling the completed units and finishing one final unit. Nothing new to report from that end except that some more fire cracked rock was found.

The survey team, on the other hand, set out to explore the area surrounding the mysterious bones that were found a couple of days ago. Quartz flakes and chips of bone were indeed uncovered but without the use of the total station at hand, nothing more could be done without disturbing a potentially huge site. Friday, the final day of excavations should prove to be an interesting one with all of the man power focused on the "bone" site.

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