keskiviikko 19. toukokuuta 2010

Kierikki Stone Age Center

Today we went to the Kierikki Stone Age Center for sausage day. After splitting up for survey and excavation this morning we all met up at noon by the Ii river where a stone age long house has been reconstructed. After building a fire (which was way too hot because of the wind) we made our sausage and had lunch overlooking the site. As we later learned the whole area of Kierikki is an archaeological site. The state built the official museum there after a dam project forced them to quickly excavate all the artifacts on the shoreline of the river. As we proceeded into the center we got a much better idea of what we might find some day at the bottom of one of our excavation holes. T shaped daggers, ceramic pots, and amber beads/buttons were the most memorable items to be excavated in this area. Although the film we watched upon entering the museum set a new precedent for boring material the rest of the museum was very interesting. After leaving the museum we once again headed our separate ways and after more shovel tests and excavation work we all headed home for some well earned rest.

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