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Day 12 - May 27th: Pits, Pits, Pits

Today is going to be a short one, things are starting to wrap up so there isn't a whole lot to report.

Trench T108 at KKN is now officially done being excavated. Sterile bottom sand has been reached in all sections of the trench. Now all there is left to do at KKN is some stratigraphy profiles and back filling the trench, which will be done tomorrow.

Today in trench T208 at the Thing business continued as usual. The bottom of two of the fire pits has been reached which is a good sign, as it means that excavation is nearing completion. The trench was also sketched and mapped with the transit as per usual. Two good sized charcoal samples were also taken for dating purposes.

Survey has finished for the year so the survey team was trowel testing at some of the sites identified this year during survey. The trowel testing is done to see whether identified sites are in fact legit. Today one site was positive and the other was negative. A soil core was also taken, which has a similar function as the bog core described yesterday. Some more bog cores were also taken today.

Test pitting was also done today. A third line of test pits was done at KKN south and parallel to the other two lines done yesterday and Friday. A few of the pits in this line were positive, one of which was closest to the cluster of dwelling depressions, and another which was further away. Another line of test pits was done at the 2005 site today. This line was completely negative except for one pit right on the edge of what is now a bog.

Once again, here are some pictures from the day.

Cookie break after taking a bog core.

Katie Grundtisch (A University of Buffalo Undergraduate student) excavating trench T208 at the Thing.

This is a lizard we found in trench T208 yesterday. I felt bad about today's blog being so short a picture bereft...so I present a photograph of a lizard to you...in an apologetic manner.

That's all for today.

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Stephen Chrisomalis kirjoitti...

Did you give the lizard a name? Like, oh, I dunno, Thingy, the lizard from the Thing? Okay, maybe not ...

Seriously, though, it seems like you guys are going to have a ton of charcoal samples for dating. So many fire pits.